Best of the Best Agriculture Awards

Congratulations to all of the Agricultural award winners at the Rice County Fair. We have some wonderful farmers in this county. Thank you for all the hard work you do.



Please look here for announcements

It is with a heavy heart after long discussion, the Rice County Fair Board has voted to cancel the Rice County Fair for 2020.

The decision was made based upon the potential impossibility of monitoring and enforcing social distancing requirements, the health and safety of the community, the fair's vendors, carnival, staff, and exhibitors, as well as to preserve the financial ability of the Rice County Agricultural Society to present future fairs.

After many questions, the main concern was, how would we conduct a fair with so many restrictions in place?

Safety is the number one priority for the Fair Board the ability to sterilize equipment, tables, carnival rides and much more it would be exceedingly difficult to conduct the fair. We in good conscious, cannot risk people getting sick, or worse, because they attended the Rice County Fair. The decision to cancel was difficult and not made lightly as it impacts many people and organizations in our county, but we feel it is the best decision for all involved.

The Rice County Fair is proud and grateful of the public's support it has received over the years. The Fair Board is immensely proud of the those who volunteers, the community organizations, the vendors, the exhibitors, and everyone that makes the Rice County Fair happen.

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The Rice County Fairgrounds are now smoke free except in the designated areas. The exhibit buildings, barns and children's ride areas were always smoke free we are just extending. Please reference the map by clicking below. Please use these areas as we want to keep the grounds cleaner and safer for all. This does includes regular cigarettes and e-cigs.

There are No Dogs allowed on the Rice County Fairgrounds during the week of the Rice County Fair. Service dogs or Service dogs in training are allowed. This is for the safety of all visitors to the fair. Thank you for understanding. There are no bikes, skateboards or Scooters allowed on the grounds.


  • Dave Miller, President
  • Tara Langevin, Vice President
  • Colleen Almen, 2nd Vice President
  • Sandy Flom, Treasurer
  • Marcia Simon, Secretary
  • John Dvorak, Fair Management / Secretary


  • International Association of Fairs and Expositions
  • Faribault Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Minnesota Federation of County Fairs
  • Minnesota State Agricultural Society